How to Gather the Money to Post a Bail Bond

If a loved one has been arrested and put in jail, they have a bond which can be posted to get them out.  But, if you don’t have this money available, that isn’t helping anyone at the time. But, there are a few ways to come up with the money needed to post bail bonds knox county oh for your loved one who is behind bars. Some of the ideas to gather this money are listed below.

Payment Plans

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Many bonding agencies understand that it can be hard to find the money to post a bond but the consequences of staying in jail. As such, they offer payment plans for qualified individuals. Ask about a payment plan!

Social Media

A social media post can generate funding that can be used to post bail for your loved one. Be sure to post the information on your pages and tag them in it so their friends can see the request/need as well.


Could a loan be of help when your loved one is in jail? Many people find that loan money helps them in this dark hour. Many types of loans are available to help people with all credit types. Payday loans, title loans, and personal loans are among the loan options that can help when you want to get a loved one out of jail.

Ask Friends/Family to Borrow the Money

Friends and family are often there to help us when we need a hand. But, do not borrow money if you’re not confident in the ability to repay the cash because you do not want to ruin relationships with those closest in your life. Be sure to ask to borrow money only from someone that you are close to and who is financially secure.

How to Gather the Money to Post a Bail Bond